Monday, January 3, 2011


I wanted to do an end of the year blog before the end of the year, but between my whole household being sick & Christmas, it just didn't happen. 2010 went by QUICK!! It's hard to believe that we have stumbled upon a new year already. I think it was pretty uneventful, I believe.

The oldest child, J, is doing well. He is in Connecticut going to school and I believe he's doing okay. Seems to enjoy school. He's all grown up & stuff, so I don't get much info into his life, but when we do talk, he seems happy & to enjoy school. He wants to be a history teacher one day. It nice to hear a goal, finally. Before, he seemed to be just wondering in the wind, sometimes flying against it, instead of with it, but now he has a goal. My hope for him in the new year is to keep reaching!

Soon to be 17 year old daughter, H, intelligent, happy, eager to do her best, thinks I am crazy how I parent most days, looking at colleges, daughter. She's achieving things I wish I had in high school. She has the heart of a servant. God will use her for great things. What more could a mom ask for? (except for driving.. please dear child, learn to drive in 2011) Goal... driving, please.

Next, 16 year old son, started out rough, school wise, this year, but seems to have learned that if you want to go & do, you have to get your act together at school. Seems friends & socialization took the place of school work, but we are back on the right track & was exempt from exams, so we are moving forward. Hopefully, 2011 will bring even more good things for him and he continues to excel. He has military aspirations & will be 17 at the end of 2011, so I will be a military mother, again. Proud. Hope for get some 'get up & go' & to take pride in what he does.

The 13 year old daughter, A, well, life is just so darn hard when you are thirteen. She has taken up softball, which for someone that didn't seem to have an athletic bone in her body, she's doing really great!!! I hope it continues. She has plans to play in the spring, so I am excited about that. She hates to do school work, but she is a wonderful writer and loves music and doodling. Goal for 2011, to have a little more self esteem & kindness.

Next is the 13 year old son, Z, so thinks God broke the mold when he made him. Loves his little brother like no tomorrow. I am hoping that will continue through life. Aspires to do his best in everything. Is really into sports. Loves them all. Has the wonderful quality to just let things roll off his back like water on a duck. That is one of his greatest attributes. Goal for 2011, to continue to be happy & take life with a grain of salt and to listen a little better.

Now that brings us to the soon to be 9 year old, K, he is one of a kind. He has the gift of humor and LOTS of it. He is the cutest 8 year old I know. He wants a dragon like the one on How to Train Your Dragon. (if you haven't seen it, rent it, it's great!) He hates Mondays and is extremely difficult to get to go back to school after the weekend or a long holiday. He the kind of person, that if you don't want the answer to the question, then don't ask him! Goal for him in 2011, to get up a little happier in the a.m. & to keep me laughing & giving me wonderful stories to tell!

Well, that's the review for 2010. I realized something the other day, two of them will be graduated & gone by May 2013. While I will be happy that the grocery bill will go down, the idea of me getting older is not good.
So, here's to 2010, you are gone, but thank you for no major illnesses or accidents and to 2011, we ate black eyed peas & collard greens on your first day on the job, so bring on the good luck & money!

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