Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dear 16 year old Michelle,

Dear Michelle,
You are 16, enjoy every minute of it. Have fun at the Friday night football games, these nights will be gone before you know it.
Pay more attention to math & less attention to boys, they will not be there, but you will need math more than you realize.
Don't drive the car so fast. People die everyday from speeding, so slow down, Atlanta Highway is not a drag strip.
The boss that has been flirting with you at Winn Dixie & that you have developed a crush on is too old for you. He's trouble, leave him alone.
You may have already done this, but whatever you do, don't go out with the blind date that picks you up wearing a dog collar. You will never live this one down.
Don't get in the car with your cousin after work, he will lock you in with other people & smoke pot, so you will get high from the second hand smoke, because you refuse to smoke with them. You did the right thing. Always stick to your guns. They will think it's funny, you will not. You go girl!
You will get your heart broke, you will survive. You won't think you will, but you will, I promise. It will pass & later in life, you will find someone that will make you happy on a daily basis. Someone that you want to be with. No, he's not perfect, but he loves you & the children. Yes, you will have children, all six of them.
Spend more time with your grandparents. One is already gone, the others will be gone when you are in your thirties.
Enjoy this year, everything about it.
Slow down.........
Love, Yourself at 44

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