Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What's Your Bag?

I follow a very funny, uplifting, blogger named Missy over @It's Almost Naptime and she has challenged all her fellow mommies/bloggers to share our mom tips.

I have a few:

(1) Teenagers-- withhold food & you will be amazed at how great your house will look in a matter of minutes.
(2) Large family-- LARGE crockpot! LOVE MINE... in fact there's a huge chicken roasting in it right now. All I have to do later is make a couple of sides and WALAAA! - dinner in 20 min.
(3) Home haircuts... Three boys & a husband..I cut their hair with clippers, it saves $$$ big time! Wish the two girls would go for it.
(4) In the trunk... throw blanket, seat cushions, dry socks, pull over hoodie-- Lots of children, lots of sports. Sometimes I get stuck at the ballpark/stadium/gym for HOURS. I hate wet feet...it makes me cold.

It's not many tips, but it's a few I use.


  1. Large family here...and we love our crockpot! Could not live without it!

    In our van, we have a box full of flip-flops -- all sizes -- because there is always one or two kids who forget to put their shoes on before going somewhere! And yes, plenty of blankets, and lots of wipes for messy hands, and other messes. Dry socks is a great idea. Hadn't thought of that one.

    Love your tips! Thanks for sharing :)

    (visiting from Missy's blog)

  2. I do blankets, bottled water and wipes -emergency type stuff, but dry socks is something new I should try. I used to pack an extra set of clothes when my children were little, but I've kinda gotten out of the habbit. This is a good reminder along those same lines. -Thanks!