Monday, March 22, 2010

The First List..11 by 11

These are 11 things that I want to accomplish by 2011. They are in random order.
As I accomplish them before the end of the year, I will re-post them with that particular thing crossed off.

(1) Go to the beach again. (we didn't get to go last year)
(2) Do something kind for a complete stranger.
(3) Start walking daily again. (I have really let this one go)
(4) Go to the dentist & have that tooth pulled. (this one is long overdue!)
(5) Read my Bible more.
(6) Buy a stranger's lunch without them knowing.
(7) Thank every Veteran that I see.
(8) Tell Russell I love him everyday, even on the bad days.
(9) Learn how to garden. (I am so bad at this one.)
(10) Play in the rain.
(11) Visit an old friend that I normally wouldn't go see.

1 comment:

  1. A list is a great way to get started with goals and things you want to accomplish (whether you do it publicly or in private). I also keep a calendar on my desk at all times and write down the things I want to do to make myself more accountable (like my current fitness challenge of jogging and doing the 30 day shred). Good luck to you!

    Also, if you head down to Pensacola beach or Gulf Shores, look me up! I'm just a drive away!